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Insurance is an important part of running your business it helps safeguard you from the unexpected. However, for insurance to be worthwhile it needs to cover not just the headline type of incidents but also cover the risks from the more normal day to day activities. This could be any thing from accidental damage to a third parties laptop, to being called up for Jury or Witness Service. Or maybe someone falls over a training manikin and injures themselves. All of these could have a detrimental impact on your business or even your own personal finances.  Insurance should also cover you for the past and for the future. It is not uncommon for claims to be made years later, after your policy has expired. Our policies cover this eventuality.

The scheme has a variety of Helplines including a 24hr Legal Adviceline where you can speak to a solicitor free of charge, just using this facility once may well save you the cost of your policy - Solicitors can charge anything upward of £200 - £300/hr.!  

Please click the link below to see the extensive cover of our insurance and how little it costs.

 Are you really insured? - Questions to ask BEFORE you buy.
Question Typical competitor policy First Aid Insurance Explanation
Will my policy cover me if a claim is made after the policy expires, what if I retire or I renew with a different insurer? Our policy has a ‘claims occurring’ wording which means that as long as the policy was in force at the time of the incident you will be covered, even if the claim is made after your policy expires.

It will even cover you if you retire or choose not to re-insure with us

Remember that the Statute of Limitation for a suit to be brought against you is 3 years for injury claims which dates from the discovery of problem not from sustaining the injury (symptoms can sometimes manifest years later, e.g. asbestosis) and this is extended to 6 years for non injury claims. For children, you have to reckon on 3 or 6 years beyond the age of majority, which is 18 and there could be no limitation period for certain disabled people - Will you be fully covered?

Most insurers usually only offer cover as long as you continue to be insured with them. It ceases if you insure elsewhere or cease being insured (i.e. retire).

You may be able to purchase ‘run off’ cover with our competitors but typically the maximum most insurers allow is 5 years - leaving you vulnerable to a late claim.
Is this retroactive cover free? Most insurers may apply a small charge for retroactive cover and in the case of Public Liability cover it is not always available – whereas with your policy it’s FREE for all indemnity cover for previously insured work before coming onto our policy.
Am I fully covered for the legal costs associated with defending claims of sexual impropriety in a criminal court? Typically most insurers policy wording will state that any act for which successful criminal proceedings are brought against you after they have paid the claim you will be liable to pay that money back to them.

This is in addition to the excess they expect you to pay upfront of anything between £1,000 and £2,500!

Our policy covers you and the costs of defending against those allegations in court and we won’t ask you for the money back.

There is no excess and cover is not restricted to situations involving injury only - as long as it is in connection with your insured work you will be defended.
Wide description of Insured Person/organisation and their business activities?  
Will my policy cover me for injuries sustained by my client trainee while I am training them?  
Will my policy cover me for injuries the client trainee causes to themselves while I am training them on a course? Our policy will cover you if, for example, as a trainee bends to demonstrate CPR on a manikin, they put their back out as you could be held liable legally.
Am I fully covered for injuries caused to others? Typically most insurers restrict cover to accidental bodily injury only – where as ours does not.
Is the public, medical malpractice, professional indemnity level on my policy unlimited? With our policy you can have an unlimited number of claims in any one year and each of those claimants can claim up to the value of your indemnity limit – either £4m or £6m per claim (plus defence costs as below).Most insurers limit the indemnity per calendar year.
Do I have unlimited cover for Legal and other Defence costs on my policy? Ours is unlimited and is on top of the main policy indemnity limit of £4,000,000 or £6,000,000. Remember this is significant, as the cost of defending the claim can sometimes equal or exceed the damages award.
Am I covered for wrongful arrest, detention, malicious prosecution, libel or slander arising out of improper conduct by any customer or customers, or any other person or persons (other than employees)?  
Is products liability included? Typically insurers limit their definition to ‘Products Supplied’. Our description of situations and definition of products covered is much more comprehensive and includes services, supply, demonstration, etc. 
Where products are sold to your training or event cover client base, product liability is unlimited. Customers who are not normal clients of your training or event cover business, product liability is restricted to a maximum product turnover not exceeding £30,000 pa. A separate policy is required for businesses with a product turnover exceeding £30,000. 

Am I covered for misuse of confidential or restricted information?  
What about loss of reputation – am I covered for that?  
Am I covered if I work abroad for part of the year? Most insurers limit the number of days you can work abroad and the kind of work you can do, they may limit you to ‘business visits’ and ‘non manual employees’.
    With our policy you can work anywhere (except the USA and Canada) with no limit per year for UK domicile / residents.
Is there an excess for me to pay in the event of a claim? We do not apply any policy excess.
I’m self employed, what if I get investigated by the VAT or Tax man? This can occur without warning and although cover is usually offered through your Accountant it can cost anywhere between £60 and over £160.

We give it to you FREE when you insure with us.
What about compensation if I am called for Jury Service? What happens if you are self employed and are called for jury service – have you thought about your lost earnings? Our policy covers you for this, whereas typically most insurers do not.

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Trainer Insurance by Zurich Insurance plc


Covers over 200 different qualifications.
Includes Medical Malpractice.
Professional Indemnity.
Public Liability
24hr Legal Help Line .

Great Cover

Unlimited number of claims per year.

Small Business

Covers over 200 different qualifications.
Up to 6 Trainers
Includes Medical Malpractice.
Professional Indemnity.
Public Liability
24hr Legal Help Line .

Great Cover

Unlimited number of claims per year.

 Key Features

A cost effective insurance policy designed specifically for individuals and small businesses proving training.

Designed For:

  • Individual Trainers and Training providers employing up to six trainer / sub contract trainers or assessors etc. Other policies available for larger organisations.
  • First Aid Event Cover available.

Main Features

  • £4,000,000 standard Indemnity, £6,000,000 for a small additional premium
  • Professional Indemnity (financial loss cover, where no injury has occurred)
  • Malpractice
  • Public Liability.
  • Covers  trainers anywhere in UK. (see options)
  • Legal expenses package.
  • Wide range of free 24 hour Advice lines, including:
  • Legal Advice on any matter
  • UK Law Tax advice.
  • Counselling Helpline.
  • Business Assistance Helpline for emergencies involving your premises.
  • Negotiation and representation (even including accountants fees) up to £100,000 in event of Inland Revenue full enquiry. PAYE and Social Security Regulations Cover. Defence of your legal rights following Criminal Proceedings £100,000. This will include legal costs to defend any allegations of sexual impropriety / assault arising from your therapy practice immediately, as well as Data Protection and other legislation cover, wrongful arrest, actions against you for unlawful discrimination etc.
  • Jury or Witness Service Compensation up to £100,000 per claim.
  • Covers Breach of Confidentiality & Libel/Slander.
  • Retroactive Cover for previously insured work before coming onto our policy. – Free of charge.
  • Unlimited work abroad is covered at no additional charge, provided you live in the UK and underwriters approve (excluding USA and Canada).
  • You are covered for when an incident is alleged to have taken place, not when it may be discovered sometime in the future. It is important to purchase the highest cover available to ensure that if a claim surfaces many years hence, you have a substantial amount of cover to deal with a claim at a time when court awards and costs may be higher.
  • Products Liability – no limit other than 30k turnover on retail sales and client base. See Are You Really Insured for further details.
  • Claims occurring with Balens Zurich Wording – Zurich Insurance plc. a large and financially secure Insurer with a good reputation.

Trainer / Event Cover insurance by Zurich Insurance plc 
Legal Expenses package by DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Ltd

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 Qualifications and Courses Covered - BIG List!

This BIG list gives and indication on the type of courses covered. It is NOT and exhaustive list, so if your course is not covered give the office a call on 0129 3344556 where I'm sure we can help.

All Trainer, Assessors etc. must hold suitable qualifications and/or experience to present / assess the course. Typically, this information can be found in the Qualification Specification that accompanies the qualification. 



 Individual or Small Business Cover

We believe out Insurance is one of the most comprehensive and cost effective available today. In most cases it's even lower priced than inferior products! 

Our Trainer Insurance is available for both the individual and small business.

Individual Price:

This covers you as a freelancer or where it is just you in your business.
     £125 for  £4,000,000 cover or
     £150 for £6,000,000 cover.

Small Business:

Our insurance is specifically designed to meet the needs of  Training Centres using both permanent and freelance training staff. This is highly important for example, say a training Centre has a bank of 100 trainers, our insurance will cover up to any 6 or 12 of these people (dependent on policy) working at any point in time. Making our policy very flexible and cost effective.

Covering up to 6 people engaged at any point in time: 
      £160 for  £4,000,000 cover or
      £175 for £6,000,000 cover.
Covering up to 12 people engaged at any point in time: 
      £320 for  £4,000,000 cover or
      £350 for £6,000,000 cover.

Before buying insurance, make sure that it's effective cover otherwise you are just wasting your money.

See our 'Are you really insured" guide above

Note: the term 'Trainer' also includes Assessor, IQA, EQA, marker and invigilator, etc.
 First Aid and Pre-Hospital Notes

First Aid and other pre-hospital type training is different to many other types of Learning for example:

  • the Learner could be injured say practicing CPR 
  • the Learner has misunderstood a procedure or even the procedure is challenged due to conflicting medical evidence. 
  • in a lot of cases you are providing training to meet an Employer's statutory duty or a permit to work. 
  • Training is not always classroom based, often undertaken outside in harsh environments.

 All of these provide a wider risk to the trainer and Malpractice or more importantly Medical Malpractice insurance cover is necessary. Our insurance was specifically designed for first aid and pre-hospital training.

 More recently as training centres have expanded their range of courses offered, our insurance has expanded to meet this demand and now covers a vast range of qualifications and courses. See the list below for an indication of just how extensive our cover has become.

 Event Cover Insurance - Scope
First Aid Event Insurance

This is not an exhaustive list of first aid procedures, but is suitable for guidance.

First Aid Insurance.  This insurance covers both paid and unpaid for first aid activities e.g Event Cover. It also covers Good Samaritan activities.

Optionally, Trainer Insurance can be added as part of the overall insurance policy cover.


Cover: Standard First Aid 

  • First Aid in accordance with the VAS First Aid Manual. (St. John, Red Cross and St Andrew) or the AoFA Now manual.
  • Additionally, the use of AEDs are covered.

Cover: First Aid, Extended skills

  • Administration of Oxygen and Entonox. 
  • Airway Management using OP, NP, LMA, Suction, Aspirators and Bag Valve Mask
  • Spinal Immobilisation e.g. use of Rescue Boards, KED, Cervical Collars, Scoop Stretchers
  • Patient Monitoring e.g. Blood Pressure, Temperature, Blood Glucose, Oxygen Saturation
  • GlucoGel, aka HypoStop
  • Note: Invasive procedures  or Prescription only Medicines are NOT covered

Standard First Aid:

Standard First Aid required that the first aider holds a current First Aid at Work qualification or recognised equivalent.The first aider should have a current CPD log and a list of experience covering a minimum period of one year. If this is not available, the first aider should be shadowed until sufficient practical experienced is gained and demonstrated and skills signed off by a suitably qualified and competence person. First Aid refresher courses or equivalent should be taken annually. 
It is important that the first aider is suitably qualified and can demonstrate competence in the first aid procedures he or she undertakes. 

First Aid, Extended:

In addition to the above requirements, the first aider requiring insurance cover for extended skill is required to hold specific qualifications and / or documented training in the skills which they perform.  A suitably qualified and competence person should observe and sign-off these procedures before they are carried out unsupervised. A current and up to date CPD and experience log is required for expanded skills.
With the exception of Aspirin for heart attack, and other recognised self or assisted medication, no other drugs should be administered.
Note: for personnel holding higher qualifications exceeding that of first aid e.g. Paramedics, Nurses, EMTs etc. insurance cover will be limited to the skill-set as indicated above. It is recommended that in these instances, personnel should wear clothing and insignia of a First Aider.

 Price List - Trainer and First Aid Event Cover Insurance
First Aid Event Cover & Trainer Insurance
Scope £4M Cover £6M over
Trainer £125 £150
First Aider £99 £115
Trainer including First Aider £155 £190
Small Business up to 6 staff /sub contract staff
Scope £4M Cover £6M over
Trainers £160 £175
Event Cover £290 £336
Trainers including Event Cover £320 £380
Small Business up to 12 staff /sub contract staff
Scope £4M Cover £6M over
Trainers £320 £350
Event Cover £580 £672
Trainers including Event Cover £640 £760

Prices include administration fees and Insurance Premium Tax (IPT)

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Insurance Information

First Aid Insurance is a trading name of Intek Training Limited which is an Appointed Representative of Balens Limited, Bridge House, Portland Road, Malvern, WR14 2TA which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.