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AOFAQ Level 3 Award in First Person on Scene Power-point available!

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AOFAQ Level 3 Award in First Person on Scene Power-point available!

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We are all aware of the impact of early intervention in terms of survival and recovery rates, so improving skills at this point is crucial.  This is where the AOFAQ Level 3 Award in First Person on Scene is positioned.  The Level 3 represents the more ‘Autonomous’ nature of the responder.  This new regulated qualification consists of 16 major learning outcomes which is trained over 30 hrs.  Subjects covered include airway management and the recognition features of sepsis

The aim of the qualification is to provide learners with the knowledge and skills required to operate within a scope of practice to stabilise and treat a patient in need of care for up to forty minutes until an ambulance or other pre-hospital care provider arrives. 

This qualification is clinically endorsed by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, Faculty of Pre-hospital (FPHC) Care and meets the Level 3 FPHC Pre-hospital Emergency Medical Skills Framework.  Upon completion of the qualification the learner will be eligible to apply to the Faculty of Pre-hospital Care for Level 3 membership.

This qualification is aimed at: Community first responders, Co responder e.g. police, fire and other emergency services, Military, Security, Close protection, Event medical cover, Cabin Crew, Stewards as well as Voluntary sector. 

Any new centres wishing to offer this qualification please contact our Approvals team via Email: or Call on 0129 3344556

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